ChemChina Petrochemical (Tianjin) establishes new EHS goal
Monday, Jan 14, 2013
On the first workday of 2013, Jan 4, the ChemChina Petrochemical (Tianjin) Co convened a meeting of the safety committee, and announced its Arrangement for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Work for 2013, and explained the year’s deployment. There was a summary of the EHS work in 2012, with some higher goals in 2013, which included “Zero casualties, zero losses, zero accidents, and zero pollution”. The idea is to increase the EHS awareness of every employee and establish a safety culture to “Cherish life, love life, and make no profits from blood”. The company believes that all accidents can be prevented, and all risks can be avoided.

Source: ChemChina Petrochemical
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