ChemChina Petrochemical Corp starts purchase reform program
Thursday, Dec 27, 2012

The ChemChina Petrochemical Corp held a launch ceremony for its purchase reforms, at the Shandong Huaxing Petrochemical (Group) Co, on Octr 30, where Wang Lei, a consultant from Accenture, gave a brief introduction to the project and the progress so far. Liu Zishen, ChemChina Petrochemical’s chief commercial officer, explained the personnel arrangements at Huaxing Petrochemical’s purchasing department of and the organizational structure of the teams for purchasing crude oil, catalyzer, solvent, additives, spare parts, components and chemical products, and the specific work of the various teams.

Sun Xueyi, the executive deputy general manager of Huaxing Petrochemical, said they would cooperate fully with ChemChina Petrochemical in the purchasing reforms and would seek the maximum economic benefits from the project, based on safe production.

Liu Changcheng, the assistant to the general manager of ChemChina Petrochemical, said that the purchase reform project is an important part of the transition from strategic management and control to operational management and control, and will have a significant impact. The various departments and subsidiaries need to understand their duties well and speed up implementation and make the best use of central purchasing’s strong points to meet the corporate development needs in the new circumstances.

Source: ChemChina Petrochemical

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