ChemChina Petrochemical sustainable improvement review at Changyi Petrochemical
Friday, Dec 28, 2012

ChemChina Petrochemical held its meeting for a review of sustainable improvement project conclusion for 2012 at Changyi Petrochemical, Dec 17 to 19, to allow staff members of seven companies report on Green Belt projects for increasing diesel oil benefits.

Analysts said they were happy to see the ChemChina Petrochemical results and that they show a sustainable improvement.

ChemChina Petrochemical staff members learned how to improve competitiveness and mastered lean six sigma and process enhancement through applications and will look for ways to increase quality, cut costs, stabilize production, and improve management. The company made a name for itself in the 2012 review in sustainable improvements and increased the number of Black belts and experts, and organized the review itself while cutting costs.

Source: ChemChina Petrochemical

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