CB&I announces Novolen technology award in China
Wednesday, Apr 04, 2018

CB&I has been awarded a contract by CNOOC Ningbo Daxie Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for the license and process design engineering of a 300 kta polypropylene plant in Ningbo, China. The plant will use CB&I's Novolen® technology and proprietary Novolen High Performance® catalyst to produce a full range of polypropylene products, with a focus on high-end copolymers.

"CB&I's Novolen technology is proven, competitive and innovative," said Daniel M. McCarthy, CB&I's Executive Vice President of Technology. "By licensing this technology, CNOOC Daxie will be able to produce a wide range of polypropylene products and meet China's increasing demand for these high-end products."

For more information, please visit: https://www.cbi.com/
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