Pars Oil & Gas: Phase 13’s refinery connected to grid
Monday, Jul 03, 2017
Project director of phase 13 announced that onshore refinery of this project was connected to the sixth line of grid.

PayyamMotamed said that connection operation to the sixth line of grid was successfully completed to prepare the refinery to deliver sweetened gas in the autumn. This operation was implemented with coordination of dispatching department of national Iranian gas company and transition operation of Bushehr province during 60-hour intensive operation.

Pointing to commissioning of utility units of the refinery by the end of this summer, project director of phase 13 said that subsequently startup operation of first sweetening sour gas of the phases 6,7,and 8 that is now well-advanced will begin.

due to second row readiness of refinery sweetening, it will come to operation at the maximum time of two month after the first row. As Motamed said.

Announcing 87 percent of progress for the onshore project of this phase, Motamed added that more than 8000 people are working under the auspices of a consortium of Petropayedar Iranian Company and Mapna.

SP13 has been designed to daily produce 56 million cubic meters of rich gas from south pars field, 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas, 2900 tons of LPG, 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur.

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